Management system certification service(管理体系认证服务)

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service quality client satisfaction. Your frank assessment of our services provided in the project as indicated below is highly appreciated.


Please note that questions with "*" mark is required questions, your answer cannot be stored, if you don't have to answer them. (请注意,带有"*"标记的题是必答题,如果你没有作答它们你的回答无法被存储。)

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Since your initialcontact with Bureau Veritas Certification, How responsive have we been(自从贵公司和Bureau Veritas Certification开始接触以来,我们的表现) *
【A】Answering your phone calls to our office?(回答贵公司打来的电话方面如何?)
【B】Presenting you with information about Bureau Veritas Certification?(在向贵公司呈交有关Bureau Veritas Certification的资料方面如何?)
【C】Providing you with a quote in a timely manner?(及时向贵公司报价方面如何?)
【D】Providing you with a clear quote?(对贵公司的报价是否清楚?)
【E】Following up to your inquiries about Bureau Veritas Certification?(回答贵公司所提的有关Bureau Veritas的问题方面如何?)
In preparing for your Registration Audit, Pleasetell us( 为贵公司注册评审所作的准备工作方面,请告诉我们 ) *
【A】Did we review your Quality Manual in a timely manner?(对贵公司质量手册的评审是否及时)
【B】Did the content of the review report for your Quality Manual meet your expectation? (对质量手册评审报告之内容是否符合贵公司的期望)
【C】Was the communication with our Assessment team adequate? (贵公司和我们评审组的沟通是否充分)
【D】Was the final Assessment schedule acceptable? (最后确定的评审进度是否能接受)
【E】How clear was the forthcoming Assessment Process? (对即将要进行的评审过程是否明确)
Your Audit has now taken place; Please tell us( 贵公司的评审已经进行了,请告诉我们 ) *
【A】Were our Auditors concerned, earnest and courteous? (我们的评审员是否态度关切、处事认真且有礼貌)
【B】Did our Auditors have suficient professional knowledge and skills to find out non- conformities and provide appropriate corrective actions in an objective manner? (我们的评审员是否具有足够的专业知识与能力能客观地指出缺失及提供适当的改善项目)
【C】Were our Auditors capable of locating issues quickly and explaining and communicating clearly "non-conformity corrective actions"? (我们的评审员是否能快速地掌握问题,且能对“缺失改善项目”清楚的解释及沟通)
【D】Were the reports and feedback presented to you by our assessors adequate? (我们的评审员向贵公司提出的报告和各种信息反馈是否满足要求)
【E】Could our Auditors attend to their customers' management issues and provide valuable support? (我们的评审员能否关心配合客户的管理问题提供有价值的协助)
【F】Did our Auditors' style and methods of assessing meet your expectations? (我们的评审员的工作作风和评审方法及评审之有效性,是否符合贵公司的期望)
【G】Were our Auditors keeping consistent auditing methods throughout the certification process (initial audit and surveillance visit(s)? (我们的评审员执行认证(初审及年度评审)是否保持评审的一致性)
【H】Please rate our Assessors skills? (请对我们的评审员的水平打分)
【I】Were our administrative support staff's attitude and service quality satisfactory? (我们的行政支援人员是否具有良好的态度与服务质量)
Tell us about Your Invoice for Registration fees and expenses:(有关注册费用和评审发生费用的收费方面,请告诉我们) *
【A】Did we present your invoice in a timely manner?(向贵公司提出的发票是否及时)
【B】Was your invoice clear and correct? (开给贵公司的发票是否清楚而且内容正确)
【C】Was your invoice sent to the right address and person? (贵公司的发票是否送到正确的地址和正确的人手里)
Did your Certification meet expectations with regard to:(发给贵公司的认证证书在下列方面是否满足贵公司的期望) *
【A】Delivery of your Certificate(s) in a timely manner?(发给贵公司的证书是否及时)
【B】Usefulness of your certificate and logos for promotional purposes?(发给贵公司的证书和标志是否对贵公司有帮助)
【C】Quality and correctness of the Certificate?(证书本身的质量和正确性方面如何)
Does the overall satisfaction meet your company’s expectations?(BV整体满意度方面是否满足贵公司的期望?) *
【A】Are you satisfied with every type of service provided by BVC? (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION所提供的各项服务贵公司是否满意)
【B】Are you satisfied with every of our BVC's administrative services like "Certification programmes, contact and coordination arrangements"? (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION所提供的各项“认证行程安排,联络与协调”等行政服务方面贵公司是否满意)
【C】Are you satisfied with the "Certifcation and audit" services provided by BVC? (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION所提供的“认证、评审”服务贵公司是否满意)
【D】Are you satisfied with the "Existing Client Services" provided by BVC's Customer Service Department? (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION客户服务部对“现有客户服务”方面是否能令贵公司满意)
【E】Your overall evaluation towards BVC's services? (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION所提供的服务、贵公司的总体评价如何)
Reasons for choosing Bureau Veritas ’s certification services?(贵公司选择Bureau Veritas Certification提供认证服务的原因)  *
【A】The good reputation of BVC BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION(享有良好的声誉)
【B】BVC is an internationally renowned certification body, highly praised by the vast business world and the society. (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION是一家国际上著名的认证公司,为广大企业界及社会推崇)
【C】Having a brief and expectation that BVC has professional auditors. (相信并期望BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION拥有专业的审核员)
【D】Getting a belief that BVC is a reliable certification body through the contact of marketing and sales executives. (藉由与市场行销人员接触相信BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION是一家值得信赖的认证公司)
【E】Introduced by your customers, mother company or headquarters or persons of the same industry. (经由您与客户或母(总)公司或同业推荐)
【F】The wish of becoming one of the certified members of BVC who has granted certification to a large variety of world-class organizations. (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION拥有广大国际知名度的公司希望成为其认证客户群之一员)
【G】BVC has a global network, widely accepted by a large variety of businesses and accreditations from more than 30 countries. (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION拥有全世界的网络被广大企业界接受且拥有30多个国家的认可授信)
【H】BVC is concerned with business ethics and rigorous certification work. (BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION是一家很有企业道德及认证严谨的公司)
【I】Having attended BVC's training courses and confident in the good quality of their certification services. (采用了由BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION提供的培训服务后,因此信赖BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION能提供好的认证服务)
Other reasons for choosing Bureau Veritas's certification services?
(贵公司选择Bureau VeritasCertification提供认证服务的其他原因)
Please provide Bureau Veritas Certification with your valuable comments to let us continuously improve the certification services.(请提供贵公司的宝贵意见,以便Bureau Veritas Certification不断地改善其认证服务 )
If necessary, please upload documents and evidence.(如果有必要,请上传的文件及证据)

We truly appreciate the time you spend filing this survey. Your valuable comments are of utmost importance to help us in providing and continuously improving our service standards.
We truly appreciate the time you spend filing this survey. Your valuable comments are of utmost importance to help us in providing and continuously improving our service standards.