* 1. Which of the following doesn't contain liaison? 
* 2. Which of the following words does not have consonant cluster? 
* 3. If you want to see a doctor, fix a date with him ahead of time. That is a common             in the USA.
* 4.--What a great time the Kings had            the winter holiday! Where did they go?
-It was in Hainan they         spent the winter.
* 5. You'd be exposed to a lot         pollution if you moved to a town with pure water and air.
* 6. She sometimes uses WeChat           my mobile phone, but only to contact her mother.
* 7. You should take a spare battery with you in case the one being used is        .
* 8. Don't defend him anymore. It's obvious that he             destroyed the fence of the garden even without apology.
* 9. The function of the sentence"Australia lies in the southern hemisphere “is          .
* 10. Which of the following is a Suprasegmental feature?
* 11.              aims to help students to pay attention to the teaching content efficiently at the beginning of the class.
* 12. Which of the following activities cannot help students develop the listening skill for specific information?
* 13. Which of the following activities focuses on meaning?
* 14. When a teacher sees to it that every student has the equal access to lockstep activities in class, the teacher is playing the role of a(n)           .
* 15. What can cloze help to train in terms of writing?
* 16. The PWP teaching model is not considered appropriate in teaching         .
* 17. What's the purpose of practicing minimal pairs?
* 18.Which of the following statements about lesson plan is NOT true?
* 19. Which of the following statements about Audio-lingual Method is wrong?
* 20. Which of the following is a referential question used by a teacher in class?
请阅读 Passage1,完成第21~25小题。
Passage 1
      The fashion industry blatantly pays attention to plus-size women. A good fit is everything,stylists often counsel, but in assessing its market America's fashion business appears to have mislaid the measuring tape. A frequently-cited study done a few years ago by Plunkett Research, a market-research firm, found that 67% of American women were "plus-size", meaning size 14 or larger That figure will not have changed much, but in 2016, only 18% of clothing sold was plus-size,according to NPD Group, another research firm.
      Designers and retailers have long thought of the plus-size segment as high-risk Predicting what these customers will buy can be difficult, as they tend to be more cautious about styles. Making larger clothes is more expensive, higher costs for fabric cannot always be passed on to consumers In turn, plus-size women shopped less because the industry was not serving them well. We have money but nowhere to spend it, "says Kristine Thompson, who runs a blog called Trendy Curvy and has nearly 150000 followers on Instagram, a social-media site.
At last, that is changing. Fast-fashion brands, including Forever 21 and a fashion line sold in partnership with Target, a giant retailer, have expanded their plus-size collections. Lane Bryant, a plus-size retailer, and Prabal Garung, a designer, have done the same. In March, Nike extended its X-sized sportswear range. Revenue in the plus-size category increased by 14% between 2013 and2016, compared with growth of 7% for all apparel.
      Social media has played an important role in changing attitudes in the fashion business, says Madeline Jones, editor and co-founder of PLUS Model Magazine. Nonetheless, designer brands still hold back(Walmart sells the most plus-size apparel). Some brands, such as Michael Kors, do sell plus-size ranges but do not advertise them or display them on websites. Gwynnie Bee, Stitch Fix and Dia&Co, for example, share information with designers on preferred styles and fits. Tracy Reese,a designer known for creating Michelle Obama's dress for the Democratic National Convention in 2012, is one brand that recently enlisted Gwynnie Bee's help to create a new plus-size collection Gwynnie Bee prompted the label to create bigger patterns and more appealing designs.
       Not all plus-size shoppers are convinced. Laura Fuentes, a hairstylist from Abilene, Texas, says that many upmarket department stores still keep their plus-size clothing sections poorly organized,badly stocked and dimly lit, if they stock larger clothes at all. Yet such complaints should be taken with a pinch of salt, says Ms. Thompson. “We're nowhere near where we should be but we’ve made progress, ”she says.
* 21. What is the meaning of the underlined word in the first paragraph?
* 22. Which of the following is not the reason why designers and retailers consider the plus-size segment as high-risk?
* 23. In the sentence "At last, that is changing in Paragraph 3, what does"that” refer to?
* 24. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
* 25. What is Ms. Thompson's attitude toward the development of plus-size clothes?
请阅读 Passage2,完成第26~30小题。
Passage 2
      When I told my family that I was thinking of taking a cooking job, the roars of laughter were rather discouraging. No one believed that I could cook at all as I had never had a chance to practice at home. Our cook had ruled in the kitchen for thirty years and had an annoying tendency to regard the saucepans, stove and all the kitchen fittings as her own property.
      I once crept down there when I thought she was asleep in her room to try out an omelette.Noiselessly I removed a frying pan from its hook and the eggs from their cupboard. It was the pop of the gas that woke her, I think, for I was just breaking the first egg when a pair of slippered feet moved round the door and a shriek of horror caused me to break the egg on the floor. This disaster,together with the fact that I was using her very special beloved and cared-for frying pan, upset her so much that she locked herself in the storeroom with all the food and we had to make our Sunday dinner of bananas.
      If the family weren't going to be helpful, I would look for a job all by myself and not tell them about it till I'd got one. I had seen an agency in a local paper, so as soon as there was no one about to say"where are you going? " I rushed out of the house in search of it.
        I sat on the edge of a chair and could see my nose shining out of the corner of my eye. I thought perhaps it was a good thing; it might look more earnest. The woman at the desk examined me through her glasses. Having asked me a few questions, she told me that it would be difficult to get a job without experience. But, she said,"I've got someone who needs a cook badly. She wrote down a number, and my spirits went up as I took the slip of paper she held out to me, saying," Ring up this lady. She wants a cook. You would have to start tomorrow by cooking dinner for ten people.Could you manage that?"Oh, yes, said I never having cooked for more than four in my life.
* 26. According to the passage, the main reasons for the author's lack of practice in cooking was that       .
* 27. The family had to have bananas for dinner that Sunday because      .
* 28. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
* 29. According to the passage, as the author sat in the room of the agency,            .
* 30. The best title of the passage would be          .
32.以下为某节课的课堂教学片段,该节课的话题是 vacation。
(Show a photo of the teachers vacation)
T: Look! Who is that person? Where is she?
Ss: That's you. You're in
T: You got it. This is me. I was in Hainan. I was on my summer vacation. Then, how was the weather
T: Good! It was sunny and hot. What was I doing?
T: Yes, I was drinking Juice under a coconut pal, because it was sunny and hot. Then let s look at other pictures. Talk about these pictures with your partner like this.

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teaching contents
key and difficult points
major steps and time allocation
activities and justifications