Part I Vocabulary and Structure (35%)
* 1. Children and old people do not like having their daily()upset.
* 2. We are interested in the weather because it()us so directly—what we wear, what we do,and even how we feel.
* 3. Criticism and self-criticism is necessary()it helps us to find and correct ourmistakes.
* 4. I had trouble()the letter. His handwriting is very had.
* 5.Those foods are()for export,though a few of them may be sold on the home market.
* 6. The committee is totally opposed ()any changes being made in the plans.
* 7. Since 1970, he() in this bank and he loves the job very much.
* 8. (),he failed to pass the exam.
* 9. The doctor used medicine to the sick child of()cold.
* 10. This tape recorder is far()that one both in quality and in design.
* 11. ()nobody was very enthusiastic about it, they decided to cancel the trip.
* 12. A fire()during the night and a large number of houses( )to ashes.
* 13. He looks as if he () nothing about the news.
* 14. Many cities in the southern part of the United States have difficulty()traffic flowing when it snows.
* 15. He failed the test many times.(),he didn’t stop trying.
* 16. The mad man was put in the soft-padded cell lest he ()himself.
* 17. If the horse wins tomorrow, he()twenty races in the past three years.
* 18. The monument was constructed in honor of the explorer who was believed()the river.
* 19. She began to()something but stopped( )when she heard the teacher.
* 20. You can hardly imagine Bell ()a meal.
* 21. The new power plant is reported()within three years.
* 22. That family is always quarrelling()themselves.
* 23. The Reform Club proposed that wages ().
* 24. I decided to go to the party as soon as I () .
* 25. The amount of heat produced by this electrical apparatus is ()at will by turning asmall handle.
* 26. Mr. Green said his clients() our samples by the end of last month.
* 27. He criticized everything and everybody, and even()his few friends.
* 28. It was() that he couldn’t finish it alone.
* 29. The soldiers would not give in though () .
* 30. I used to smoke()but I gave it up 3 years ago.
* 31. ()to wait for hours, she brought along a book to read.
* 32. Mrs. Smith, together with her friends, () to visit the new museum.
* 33. ()before we leave the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party.
* 34. Mr. Wang said such a thing()to happen at school again and he forgave me this time.
* 35. ()she had a solid background in mathematics, her lab skills were relatively undeveloped .
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (20 %)
Directions : In this part,there are four passages, each of which is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Human cloning (克隆)technology could be used to reverse heart attacks. Scientists believe that they may be able to treat heart attack victims by cloning their healthy heart cells and injecting them into the areas of the heart that have been damaged, and other problems may be solved it human cloning and its technology are not forbidden.
With cloning, infertile couples could have children. Current treatments for infertility, in terms of percentages (白分比),are not very successful. Couples go through physically and emotionally painful procedures for a small chance of having children. Many couples run out of time and money without successfully having children. Human cloning could make it possible for many more infertile couples to have children than ever before. We should be able to clone the bone marrow (骨髓)for children and adults suffering from leukemia (白血病) It is expected to be one of the first benefits to come from cloning technology.
We may learn how to switch cells on and off through cloning and thus be able to cure cancer.Cloning technology can be used to test for and perhaps cure gene-related diseases.The abovearejust a few examples of what human cloning technology can do for mankind
This new technology promises unprecedented advancement in medicine if people will release their fears and let the benefits begin.
* 36. Heart attacks can be treated with human cloning technology by() .
* 37. The word infertile ( Line 1, Para. 2) most probably means “ () “ .
* 38. Paragraph Two implies that in treating infertility,() .
* 39. The following are all examples of the benefits from the cloning technology EXCEPT()
* 40. According to the writer, the main problem with the development of human cloning technology is that()
Passage 2
A sustainable transportation system is one that is safe, capable and friendly to the environment. Sustainable transportation is about combining economic,social and environmental factors into decisions that affect transportation activity. In economic aspect, we need a transportation system that is efficient. In social aspect, our transportation system must be safe and easy to be reached.In addition, we need a transportation system that respects the natural environment. It is not always easy to balance these three factors but there are also win-win-win opportunities.
Sustainable transportation is important. Although transportation brings many economic and social benefits, the movement of people and goods can have important influences on the environment. These influences can in turn have social and economic consequences. Sustainable transportation calls for ensuring that the environment is considered along with economic and social considerations in transportation decision-making.
Environmental influences of transportation include air and water pollution, greenhouse effects, and the use of land and other natural resources. A range of transportation activities contribute to these pressures, including the construction of roads; the production, operation, and throwing away of vehicles; and the supply of energy and fuel.
A major challenge of sustainable transportation is to control or prevent air pollution and greenhouse effects.
* 41. What is the main idea of the passage?()
* 42. Which of the following statements about sustainable transportation system is TRUE?()
* 43. How should we understand the social benefits of a sustainable transportation system ?()
* 44. What effects may transportation have on the environment?()
* 45. The author’s attitude towards the sustainable transportation is().
Passage 3
Water is necessary for life and good health. We often forget this fact when we think about the other building blocks of life such as vitamins, minerals and proteins. We can live for many days without eating, but two or three days without water usually leads to death.
The human body may look solid, but most of it is water. Newborn babies are as much as 85% water. Women are about 65% water and men about 75% ,Women usually have less water than men because women,in general,have more fat cells, and fat cells hold less water than other kinds of cells.
Water is necessary for cooling the body under hot weather and when we are working hard or exercising, water carries body heat to the surface of the skin, where the heat is lost through perspiration.
Researchers note that fat cells block body heat from escaping quickly. Fat cells under the skin act like warm clothing to keep body heat inside. This is why overweight people have a more easy time staying cool than thin people.
Researchers also note that cool liquids cool us faster than warm liquids, because cold liquids take up more heat inside the body and carry it away faster. They say, however, that cold sweet drinks do not work well because the sugar slows the liquid from getting into the blood stream.
The body loses water every day through perspiration and urine. If we lose too much, we will become sick. To replace what is lost, health experts say grown persons should drink about 2 liters of liquids each day, and more in hot weather. They say we can also get some of the water we need in the foods we eat. Most fruits and vegetables are more than 80% water. And even bread is about 33% water.
* 46. From the passage we learn that among the following four groups of people() .
* 47. Why do thin people usually feel better in hot days than fat people?()
* 48. The author suggests that on hot summer days one should drink()
* 49. What should we do to keep enough water in the body?()
* 50. What can we conclude from this passage?()
Passage 4
People have been fond of roses since the beginning of time. In fact, it is said that the wise and knowing Confucius had a 600-book library specifically on how to care for roses.
The rose is a legend on its own. The story goes that during the Roman Empire, there was a beautiful girl named Rhodanthe. Her beauty drew many suitors (求婚者).Exhausted by their pursuit, Rhodanthe was forced to hide in the temple of her friend Diana to stay away from her suitors. Unfortunately, Diana became jealous. And when the suitors broke down her temple gates to get near their beloved Rhodanthe, she became angry,turning Rhodanthe into a rose and her suitors into thorns.
In Greek legend, the rose was created by Chloris, the Greek goddess of flowers. It was just a lifeless seed that Chloris found one day in a clearing in the woods. She asked Aphrodite, the goddess of love, to give her beauty, Dionysus, the god of wine, to give her a sweet scent (气味ノ, and the three Graces to give her charm, brightness and jov. Then Zephyr, the West Wind, blew away the clouds so that Apollo, the sun god,could shine and make this flower blossom. And so the rose was bom and was immediately called the Queen of Flowers.
The first true primary red rose seen in Europe was introduced in 1792 from China, where it had been growing wild in the mountains. Immediately, rose breeders began using it to make a hybrid (杂交品种), Absolute perfection still hasn’t been gained, and of course never will!
There is a special rose language invented as a secret means of communication between lovers who were not allowed to express their love for one another openly. In the mid-18th century the wife of the British ambassador in Constantinople described this in her letters,which were published after her death. These letters inspired many books on the language of flowers, each describing the secret message hidden in each flower. A red rose bud (花蕾)stands for secret affection, an open white rose asks 44 Will you love me?”,an open red rose means “I’m full of love and desire”,while an open yellow rose asks “Don’t you love me anymore?” ‘
* 51. The author takes Confucius as an example in Para. 1 to show()
* 52. We can learn from Para. 2 that ()
* 53. In Greek legend, the rose().
* 54. The underlined word “this in the last paragraph means()
* 55. A red rose bud means “ () “
Part Ⅲ Cloze(10%)
Directions : There are20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices.
Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
There is no end to the magic within this circle of the world we live in. The greatest magicians today are 56 the physicists and chemists, the mathematicians and astronomers: the wise men seeking the answers 57 the riddles of earth and universe. But 58 of them can tell us how to walk 59 a floor,“by the law of gravitation 60 the readiest answer 61 that.
Gravitation is 62 the most familiar thing in all the world, and we were all brought 63 on the story of Newton and his apple and the law of gravitation. 64 physicists have begun to say that gravitation may be 65 an illusion. If it is an illusion, 66 it is pure magic that 67 our feet on the ground and our furniture 68 _ floating off into space. And who cares,69 the magic works and the illusion is  70 ? It is all a matter of vocabulary 71 ,for no two scholars have ever agreed 72 a definition of magic; but there is no denying 73 every time man has finally understood and explained a 74 he has ceased to call it magic and called it  75 instead.
* 56.()
* 57. ()
* 58. ()
* 59. ()
* 60. ()
* 61. ()
* 62. ()
* 63. ()
* 64. ()
* 65. ()
* 66. ()
* 67. ()
* 68. ()
* 69. ()
* 70. ()
* 71. ()
* 72. ()
* 73. ()
* 74. ()
* 75. ()
Part IV Writing( 15%)
Directions : This part is to test your practical writing ability. You are required to write a note asking for sick leave according to the information given in Chinese. Your writing should contain at least 100 words. Write it on the Answer Sheet.
邀请人:UST电子公司总经理Mike Kennedy
UST电子公司为庆祝公司创立三十周年,定于2013年12月29日(星期二)晚上7点在假 日酒店举行庆祝晚宴。
为丫感谢张威先生多年来的支持和合作,UST电子公司总经理邀请他出席庆祝晚宴。 Words for reference :
电子公司 Electronics Corporation 三十周年 30th anniversary 庆祝晚宴dinnerparty 假日酒店 Holiday Inn