Part I Vocabulary and Structure (35%)
* 1. The newest satellite can() a thousandtelephone conversations and a color TVprogram at the Same time.
* 2. He is()a writer as a reporter.
* 3.()you are familiar with the author’ s ideas, try reading all the sections as quickly as you possibly can.
* 4. When Mr, Jones gets old, he will()over his business to his son.
* 5.He came back late,()which time all the guests had already left.
* 6.I will never forget()you for the first time.
* 7. Before the first non-stop flight made in 1949, it()necessary for all planes to land for refueling.
* 8. Every four years, athletes from all over the world compete in the Olympics. Each country sends teams of its best athletes to()the games.
* 9. The fireman managed to()the fire in time.
* 10. They were enjoying themselves.(),they appeared to be enjoying themselves.
* 11. Peter as well as his friends()to music.
* 12. ()by the hero’s example, the soldiers fought more bravely.
* 13. He has so many inventions that he is really ()Edison of ()Japan.
* 14. I () him last night, but I was too busy.
* 15. ()student with a little common sense should be able to answer the question.
* 16. Only by reading extensively()your horizons.
* 17. Without your help, we()so much.
* 18. ()water should be regarded with caution as it can be dangerous.
* 19. He was asked()time to hand in his dictation.
* 20. This building is reported ()last night.
* 21. One of the requirements for a fire is that the material()to its burning temperature.
* 22. I have to() my expenditure to my income.
* 23. If he had been in better health, he()more books.
* 24. With the development of industry, this region will surely()
* 25. I ‘ m going to spend the winter vacation in Shanghai, ()I have relatives.
* 26. If you ()that night, you might have been too late to get your ticket.
* 27. The terrorists()to blow up the plane if their demands were not met.
* 28. It is generally thought to be of importance to a man that he()himself.
* 29. My friends() usinto goingswimming.
* 30. The total cultivated area is 13 ,000 acres, ()10,000 acres are irrigated fields.
* 31. He didn’t allow () in his room ; actually he did not allow his family at all.
* 32. With such poor ()he really needs glasses.
* 33. ()the plan carefully, he rejected it.
* 34. Finding it difficult to()to the climate in the city, he decided to move to the north.
* 35. Our public transportation system is not () for the needs of the people. We need more buses and subways.
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (20 %)
Directions : In this part,there are four passages, each of which is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Passage 1
According to psychologists(心理学家),all emotion is aroused when a man or animal views something as either bad or goo
D.When a person feels like running away from something he thinks will hurt him, we call this emotion fear. If the person wants to remove the danger by attacking it, we call the emotion anger. The emotions of joy and love are aroused when we think something can help us. An emotion does not have to be created by something in the outside world.It can be created by a person ’ s thoughts.
Everyone has emotions. Many psychologists believe that infants are born without emotions. They believe children learn emotions just as they learn to read and write. A growing child not only learns his emotions but learns how to act in certain situations because of an emotion.
Psychologists think that there are two types of emotions :positive and negative. Positive emotions include love, liking, joy, delight and hope. They are aroused by something that appeals to a person. Negative emotions make a person unhappy or dissatisfie
D.They include anger, fear, despair,sadness and disgust. In growing up, a person learns to cope with the negative emotions inorder to be happy.
Emotions may be weak or strong. Some strong emotions are so unpleasant that a person will try and means to escape from them. In order to feel happy, the person may choose unusual ways to avoid the emotion. Strong emotions can make it hard to think and to solve problems. They may prevent a person from learning or paying attention to what he is doing. For example, a student taking an examination may be so worried about failing that he cannot think properly. The worry drains valuable mental energy he needs for the examination.
* 36. We learn from the passage that an emotion is created by something()
* 37. Which of the following is NOT true?()
* 38. The author supose of writing this passage is to ()
* 39. We can safely conclude that a student may fail in an exam if()
* 40. As used in the last sentence, the word “drains”probably means()
Passage 2
Do you ever automatically say “God bless you” when someone sneezes? Did you ever cross your fingers when making a wish? Most people who do these things never think about why they do them. They just do them.
But there is a reason. Both acts are meant to insure good luck. They are little superstitions that have come down to us from an earlier time, when everybody believed in good and evil spirits. And even in our modern world,when men are traveling to the moon,we are still practicing some of these ancient habits in our daily lives.
In ancient times, men believed that the soul lived in the hea
D.Every time someone sneezed, he was risking the danger of dislodging that soul and blowing it out the nose into the outside world.So,as insurance against a lost soul, people would say “God bless you” to he sure that God would catch the soul and return it to its rightful owner.
Some people today toss a bit of salt over their left shoulder if they happen to spill any at the dinner table. This practice once had a serious purpose. In an earlier time, men believed that evil spirits always stood on their left side and good spirits on the right. So any time they spilled some of the precious stuff, they would throw a bit of it over their left shoulder to keep away the evil spirits.
Since the evil spirits stood on the left, and the good spirits on the right, the right side was considered the lucky side of the body. Putting your best foot forward meant starting out on the lucky side, with your right foot first. That was a guarantee of good luck at whatever you were about to do. We still speak on putting your best foot forward”,although we don’t always start walking with the right foot.
* 41. The main idea of the passage is that () .
* 42. Ancient men believed that the soul lived in the() .
* 43. Today, most people practice superstitions() .
* 44. According to superstition, evil spirits stood().
* 45. To make a wish come true, you should().
Passage 3
We don’t have beds in the spacecraft, but we do have sleeping bags. During the day, when we are working, we leave the bags tied to the wall, out of the way. At bedtime we untie them and take them wherever we have chosen to sleep.
On most spacecraft flights everyone sleeps at the same time. No one has to stay awake to watch over the spacecraft ; the craft’s computers call us on the radio.
On the spacecraft, sleep-time doesn’t mean nighttime. During each ninety-minute orbit(轨道) the sun “ rises ” and shines through our windows for about fifty minutes, then it “ sets ” as the spacecraft takes us around the dark side of the Earth. To keep the sun out of our eyes, we wear black sleep masks.
It is surprisingly easy to get comfortable and fall asleep in space. Every astronaut (宇航员) sleeps differently :some sleep upside down, some sideways, and some right side up. When it ‘ s time to sleep, I take my bag, my sleep mask and my tape player with earphones and float(漂浮)up to the flight deck(驾驶舱), Then I get into the bag, and float in a sitting position just above a seat, right next to a window. Before I pull the mask down over my eyes, I relax for a while, listening to music and watching the Earth go by under me.
* 46. When the astronauts are working, sleeping bags are fastened().
* 47. Why can all the astronauts sleep at the same lime?()
* 48. To relax himself before sleep, the writer often()
* 49. How long does it take the spacecraft to go round the Earth?()
* 50. The best title for this passage is()
To understand the marketing and selling. Not too many years ago, most industries concentrated primarily on the efficient production of goods,and then relied on “ persuasive salesmanship ’,to move as much of these goods as possible. Such production and selling focuses on the needs of the seller to produce goods and then convert them into money.
Marketing, on the other hand, focuses on the wants of consumers. It begins with first analyzing the preferences and demands of consumers and then producing goods that will satisfy them. This eye-on-the-consumer approach is known as the marketing concept, which simply means that instead of trying to sell whatever is easiest to produce or buy for resale,the makers and dealers first endeavor to find out what the consumer wants to buy and then go about making it available for purchase.
This concept does not imply that business is benevolent(慈普的)or that consumer satisfaction is given priority over profit in a company. There are always two sides to every business transaction— the firm and the customer—and each must be satisfied before trade occurs. Successful merchants and producers, however, recognize that the surest route to profit is through understanding and catering to customers. A striking example of the importance of its drink. The non-acceptance of the new flavor by a significant part of the public brought about a prompt restoration(恢夏)of the Classic Coke,which was then marketed alongside new. King Customer ruled!
* 51. The marketing concept discussed in the passage is,in essence,()
* 52. What was the main concern on industrialists before the marketing concept was widely accepted?()
* 53. According to the passage, “to move as much of these goods as possible” (Para. 1 , Lines 3 〜4) means “()”
* 54. What does the restoration of the Classic Coke best illustrate?()
* 55. In discussing the marketing concept, the author focuses on()
Part Ⅲ Cloze(10%)
Directions : There are20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices.
Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Public buses running on Beijing’ s streets are more eye-catching compared with their former dull color for.  56 , five or six years ago, when many other Chinese cities began to 57 their public buses with 58 advertisements, Beijing remained unmoved, allegedly 59 of consideration for maintaining the stately grace of the capital.
But Beijing’s lofty posture” did not 60 long under the pressure of the market economy.
Since 1993,most public buses have been 61 with brightly colored ads, many featuring 62 images.
Public transportation companies were the first group 63 from the move. The No. 300 Bus alone has annually 644 million yuan of ad earnings to its company. At the same time, business people are happy to find a comparatively cheap,65 widely influential, advertising medium.
Advertising on buses, a form quickly accepted by Beijing residents, adds a new 66line to the city, instead of 67 the capital’s image.
The Chinese attitude towards advertisements has changed greatly.68 from sight for a long period, commercial ads reappeared in 1979,but they were 69
Today, however, advertisements are 70 entering daily life. More and more urban residents are becoming accustomed to 71 shopping information in this way. 72 recent years, the Beijing TV Station 73 an advertising program ,TV Market. The diverse, 74 forms andpractical contents have enabled it to gain high ratings.
Advertising is no longer considered non-essential. It is now a major part of the tertiary sector, 75 special government attention.
* 56.()
* 57. ()
* 58. ()
* 59. ()
* 60. ()
* 61. ()
* 62. ()
* 63. ()
* 64. ()
* 65. ()
* 66. ()
* 67. ()
* 68. ()
* 69. ()
* 70. ()
* 71. ()
* 72. ()
* 73. ()
* 74. ()
* 75. ()
Part IV Writing( 15%)
Directions : This part is to test your practical writing ability. You are required to write a note asking for sick leave according to the information given in Chinese. Your writing should contain at least 100 words. Write it on the Answer Sheet.
说明:假定你是Hongxia Trading Company的雇员王东,给客户Mr. Baker发一封电子邮件。 内容如下:
Word for reference :
机场大巴 shuttle bus