Part I Vocabulary and Structure (35%)
* 1.The car(). by the side of the road and the driver tried to repair it.
* 2. When he went out, he would wear sunglasses()nobody would recognize him.
* 3. ()he was seriously ill, I wouldn’t have told him the truth.
* 4. Some people thing ;()about their rights than they do about their responsibilities.
* 5. ()travel expenses rising a lot, Mrs.White had to change all her plans for the tour.
* 6. I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t do but()there when I first met my present
* 7. The chair looks rather unusual in shape, but it is very comfortable to sit().
* 8. ()how to deal with the trouble of the computer, Martin had to ask his brother for help.
* 9. It’s said that the agreement ()between the two companies last month will become effective from May 1st.
* 10. Many people have found()uncomfortable to hold the same position for a long time.
* 11. The reason for my refusal is()you ‘ re unreliable.
* 12.()to find the proper job, he decided to give up job-hunting in this city.
* 13. If you don’t mind, I() do my homework than play cards with you.
* 14. No one except his two best friends()where he is.
* 15. The condition being(), he may succeed.
* 16. ()helping those who are unwilling to help themselves?
* 17. If I found the book, I ()it to you.
* 18. Criticism and self-criticism is necessary . it helps us to correct our mistakes().
* 19. He works too hard.That’s()wrong with him.
* 20. All()is peace and progress.
* 21.No one was ()in the accident.
* 22. You and I shall get a () holiday of two or three weeks.
* 23. We don’t deny that your products are superior in quality to ()of Japanese make.
* 24. I am afraid I can' t() you(); you will have to go to a hotel.
* 25. I would gladly lend you the money, but I really().
* 26. They()in spite of the extremely difficult conditions.
* 27. When Edison died, it was proposed that the Americans()all power in their homes, streets and factories for several minutes in honor of this great man.
* 28.()are afraid of difficulties; we are all determined.
* 29. If I()Mary's reputation, I defend her reputation.
* 30.()all of us who are here tonight, I would like to thank Mr. Smith for his speech.
* 31. Will all those()the proposal raise their hands?()
* 32. What you have done is() the doctor’s orders.
* 33.() be careful in making such experimenting.
* 34. There is no evidence()oil price will come down in the near future.
* 35. So fast()that it is difficult to imagine its speed
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (20 %)
Directions : In this part,there are four passages, each of which is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Passage I
When it comes to human resources, hiring highly-skilled staff is not usually enough for a company to function successfully. Besides the knowledge in their particular fields, employees must always have additional skills—those of co-operation. In the case that work tasks can only be carried out by communicating with people, accepting common decisions, solving problems, sharing information and helping one another, teamwork skills are vital.
While some jobs may require talent, the ability to work as a team is learne
D.There are no complicated formulas ; you don’t need to have any special qualities or exceptional mental abilities. Individuals can be effective as a team if they have developed certain behaviors or habits of communication. Many companies, clubs and organizations use team building activities. Team building activities may include a number of teamwork elements. They are aimed atencouraging active participation in task accomplishment while all members have their roles as individuals and are able to co-operate towards a common goal as a team.
Many team building activities focus on problem solving and discussing team • issues; thus argument as a way to common consensus (共识)is encourage
D.Team building activities often involve recognition and identification of team member skills, talents, knowledge, and experiences which allow the team members to learn more about each other and fully utilize those skills where appropriate. Many team activities are focused on developing keys to trust during challenging times.
* 36. In the author’s opinion, whichof thefollowing is vital for a company to be successful?()
* 37. According to the second paragraph, co-operation skills() .
* 38. Team building activities are good for().
* 39. Why are team members encouraged to argue in team building activities?()
* 40. What is the best title of the passage?()
Passage 2
Car servicing is something that every car owner has to experience at least some time of the year. The best method to service your car is to go to your car service station and have the servicing done methodically(有条理地)according to your car maker. Consider this: Your car is up and running smoothly but the mileage(里程)figures indicate that you need to have it service
D.Certainly, this is the right thing to do but have you wondered what actually goes in to make you pay that servicing bill every 6 months?
Servicing your car is a simple DIY ( Do It Yourself) job that you can learn quickly and easily save some good money.
If you have never serviced your car before personally,here’s your resource :
Car servicing essentially means inspecting the car thoroughly for any damaged components, and replacing some parts regularly that wear out over time. If you review carefully it is certainly possible to do all this by yourself, as below :
You will need a complete set of tools as provided by your car maker when you purchased the vehicle. This will usually consist of all the spanners(扳手)that you might need.
Completely servicing your car will need a few hours but you will end up saving a lot of money. Besides, it’ s fun too and a lot of learning.
* 41. What is the best way to service your car? ()
* 42. What indicates that your car needs servicing?()
* 43. Why does the author suggest servicing your oar by yourself?()
* 44.Some component parts should be replaced regularly because().
* 45. What is included in the set of tools provided by the car maker for self-servicing?()
Passage 3
In spite of the strong opposition to new and strict environmental laws,however, it is still possible to attack the problem of chemical pollution ; but we must attack it from three directions. First,we need more independent research into the effects of chemicals by scientists who are not paid by the government or by large industrial companies. Second, scientists need to educate the genera) public and inform them about the dangers of chemicals in the environment. If the public knows that a certain chemical threatens the health of their children, then it will put pressure on politicians local and national governments. If the politicians want to remain in office, they will take action to correct the situation. Third, economists need to educate governments about the long-term economic costs of chemicals. It will be extremely expensive to clean areas of land which are contaminated (朽染)by chemicals; it will be even more costly to give medical treatment to people who are suffering from serious illnesses after exposure to dangerous chemicals. If governments realize this, the short-term economic benefits of chemicals will seem much less attractive to them.
If we can put pressure on governments in these three ways, perhaps they will begin to behave more responsibly. They will perhaps pass new laws against pollution and enforce them strictly. Perhaps, then, the chemical producers will begin to behave more responsibly.
* 46. Which of the following might be the best title for the passage?()
* 47. Which of the following statements best describes the organization of the passage?()
* 48. Which of the following is true of the governments mentioned in the passage?()
* 49. Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?()
* 50. According to the passage, what will happen if the governments stop the use of some chemicals?()
Passage 4
The way people hold to the belief that a fun-filled, pain-free life equals happiness actually reduces their chances of ever attaining real happiness. If fun and pleasure are equal to happiness then pain must be equal to unhappiness. But in fact, the opposite is true: more often than not things that lead to happiness involve some pain.
As a result, many people avoid the very attempts that are the source of true happiness. They fear the pain inevitably brought by such things as marriage, raising children, professional achievement, religious commitment,self-improvement.Ask a bachelor why he resists marriage even though he finds dating to be less and less satisfying. If he is honest he will tell you that he is afraid of making a commitment. For commitment is in fact quite painful. The single life is filled with fun, adventure, excitement. Marriage has suchmoments,but they are not its most distinguishing features.
Couples with infant children are lucky to get a whole night’s sleep or a three-day vacation. I don't know any parent who would choose the fun to describe raising children. But couples who decide not to have children never know the joys of watching a child grow up or of playing with a grandchild
Understanding and accepting that true happiness has nothing to do with fun is one of the most liberating realizations. It liberates time : now we can devote more hours to activities that can genuinely increase our happiness. It liberates money : buying that new car or those fancy clothes that will do nothing to increase our happiness now seems pointless. And it liberates us from envy: we now understand that all those who are always having so much fun actually may not be happy at all.
* 51. According to the author, a bachelor resists marriage chiefly because()
* 52. Raising children, in the author’s opinion, is()
* 53. From the last paragraph, we learn that envy sometimes stems from ()
* 54. To understand what true happiness is one must()
* 55. What is the author trying to tell us?()
Part Ⅲ Cloze(10%)
Directions : There are20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices.
Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
When two hands meet, we pass on something of ourselves. After 56 to Mark Twain, Helen—who was both deaf and blind—commented, “ I can feel the twinkle of his eye 57 his handshake. In some indefinable way, Twain had 58 his charm to Keller.
And that’s probably been true of the handshake all the  59  back to its earliest days, 60 no one can tell its actual 61 . A common explanation is that 62 early man encountered a stranger, he 63 out his hand to show he had no weapon. From this, supposedly, 64 the handshake.
“Not so”,says historian Brian Burke. He believes, the handshake 65“putting your blood behind your breath. ” He explains that ancient people 66the spoken word alone, and they used the handclasp to signify that their 67 was backed up by the 68 of their heart—i. e. , their blood.69 ,the handshake suggested trust.
That 70 of trust has survived to this day. People in business often 71 agreements simply by declaring, “Let’s shake 72it. ”
Perhaps the most 73 handshake took place on July 17,1975 , during the Apollo Soyuz get together in space. After the two crafts came together, American astronaut Thomas Stafford 74 the extended hand of Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov. The 75 to the world was one of friendship and peace.
* 56.()
* 57. ()
* 58. ()
* 59. ()
* 60. ()
* 61. ()
* 62. ()
* 63. ()
* 64. ()
* 65. ()
* 66. ()
* 67. ()
* 68. ()
* 69. ()
* 70. ()
* 71. ()
* 72. ()
* 73. ()
* 74. ()
* 75. ()
Part IV Writing( 15%)
Directions : This part is to test your practical writing ability. You are required to write a note asking for sick leave according to the information given in Chinese. Your writing should contain at least 100 words. Write it on the Answer Sheet.
The first sentence has been done for you.
说明:以办公室名义写一份有关会议室的使用须知。 内容如下: 1.保持会议室整洁;
5. 日期:2013年6月20日。
The conference room is available to all, but we need vour help to follow the rules listed beiow :