Part I Vocabulary and Structure (35%)
* 1. Last year the advertising rate ()by 20 percent.
* 2. When he arrived, he found() the aged and the sick at home.
* 3. The student was just() about to the question, when suddenly he found the answer.
* 4. We are all for your proposal that the discussion()
* 5. The first, second,and third prizes went to Jack, Tom, and Harry()
* 6. He had never give a speech to so many people, so he felt()
* 7. Success in the lab doesn’t b always means immediate success on a large()
* 8.Mr.Smith said that he did not want to ()any further responsibilities:
* 9. It is impossible to()with a person whose methods are completely opposed toyour own.
* 10. It was the training that he had ()as a young man made much a good engineer.
* 11. The bedroom needs() .
* 12. This is the longest bridge that()over Changjiang River.
* 13. The shop assistant () me $25 for this suitcase.
* 14. Sorry, I mistake your office ()John’s.
* 15. Would you please call me up later ()they decide to go camping?
* 16. When I applied for my passport to be renewed, I had to send them a () photograph.
* 17. He has already made up his mind.It’s no use()him.
* 18. The question is worth()again.
* 19. Please be sure to telephone me the next time you()
* 20. If you don ‘ t() smoking ,you will never get better.
* 21. When I try to understand tha()tprevents so many Americans from being so happyas one might expect, it seems to me that there are two causes.
* 22. The speech() a lively discussion started.
* 23. () evidence that language-acquiring ability must be stimulated
* 24. What he told us about the accident does not ()
* 25. Studies reveal that people spend two hours dreaming every night, no matter what they ()during the day.
* 26. Evidence came upspecific speech sounds are recognized by babies ()as young as six months old.
* 27. We agree to accept() theythought was the best tourist guide.
* 28. In no country Britain can()one experience four seasons in the course of a single day.
* 29. () me the money for my tuition then, I would be working on the farm now.
* 30. Inexperienced as he is, he has succeeded ()other experienced researchers fail.
* 31. He took a raincoat with him lest it()
* 32. —That car must have cost a lot of money.
—Oh,no. (  ) .
* 33. I would rather I ()her three years ago.
* 34. But for your help, I()in this examination.
* 35. Your library has ( ) books about computer science than ours.
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (20 %)
Directions : In this part,there are four passages, each of which is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Passage 1
Large companies need a way to reach the saving of. the public at large. The same problem, on a smaller scale,faces practically every company trying to develop new products and create new jobs. There can be little prospect of raising the sort of sums needed from friends and people we know,and while banks may agree to provide short-term finance, they are generally unwilling to provide money on a permanent basis for a long-term projects. So companies turn to the public, inviting people to lend them money, or take a share in the business in exchange for a share in future profits.
They do this by issuing stocks and shares in the business through the Stock Exchange. By doing so,they can put into circulation the savings of individuals and institutions, both at home and overseas.
Many of the services needed both by industry and by each of us are provided by the Government or by local authorities. Without hospitals, roads,electricity, telephones, railways, this country could not function. All these require continuous spending on new equipment and new development if they are to serve us properly, requiring more money than is raised through taxes alone. The Government, local authorities, and nationalized industries therefore frequently need to borrow money to finance major capital spending, and they, too, come to the Stock Exchange.
There is hardly a man or woman in this country whose standard of living does not depend on the ability of his or her employers to raise money to finance new development.
This new money must come from the savings of the country. The Stock Exchange exists to provide a channel through which these savings can reach those who need finance.
* 36. Almost all companies involved in new production and development must. ()
* 37. When the savers want their money back, they()
* 38. The money which enables these companies to go ahead with their projects is()
* 39. All the essential services on which we depend are. ()
* 40. The Stock Exchange makes it possible for the government, local authorities and nationalized industries. ()
Passage 2
A study of art history might be a good way to learn more about a culture than is possible to learn in general history classes. Most typical history courses concentrate on politics, economics and war. But art history focuses on much more than this because art reflects not only the political values of a people, but also religious beliefs, emotions and psychology. In addition, information about the daily activities of our ancestors can be provided by art. In short, art expresses the essential qualities of a time and a place, and a study of it clearly offers us a deeper understanding than can be found in most history books.
In history books, objective information about the political life of a country is presented; that is, facts about politics are given, but opinions are not expresse
D.Art, on the other hand, is subjective 、王观的):it reflects emotions and opinions. The great Spanish painter Francisco Goya was perhaps the first truly “political” artist. In his well-known painting The Third of May, 1808, he criticized the Spanish government for its abuse(滥用)of power over people.
In the same way, art can reflect a culture’s religious beliefs. For hundreds of years in Europe, religious art had been almost the only type of art that existe
D.. Churches and other religious buildings were filled with paintings that described people and stories from the Bible. Although most people couldn ’ t read, they could still understand the Bible stories in the pictures on church walls. By contrast, one of the main characteristics of art in the Middle East was (and still is) its absence of human and animal images. This reflects the Islamic belief that statues(雕像)are not holy.
* 41. More can be learned about a culture from a study of art history than general history because()
* 42. Art is subjective in that () .
* 43. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?()
* 44. The passage mainly discusses() .
* 45. It can be concluded from the passage that () .
Passage 3
To find out what the weather is going to be, most people go straight to the radio, television or newspaper to get an expert weather forecast. But if you know what to look for, you can use your own senses to make weather predictions.
There are many signs which can help you. For example, in high weather the air pressure is generally high. The air is still and often full of dust. Faraway objects may look hazy. But when astorm is brewing, the pressure drops and you are often able to see things more clearly. Sailors tooknote of this long ago and came up with a saying the farther the sign, the nearer the rain. ”
Your sense of smell canalso help you detect weather changes. Just before it rains, odors become stronger. This is because odors are repressed in a fair, high-pressure center. When a bad weather low moves in, air pressure lessens and odors are release
You can also hear an approaching storm. Sounds bounce off heavy storm clouds and return to earth with increased force. An old saying describes it this way: “Sounds traveling far and wide, a storm day will betide(降临).”And don’t scoff if your grandmother says she can feel a storm coming. It is commonly known that many people feel pains in their bones or in corns and huntons when the humidity rises, the pressure drops, and bad weather is on the way.
* 46. The topic of the passage could be() .
* 47. According to the passage, as a storm approaches, faraway objects look()
* 48. In the last paragraph, the writer implies that ()
* 49. The underlined word “repressed” in Paragraph 3 is close to()
* 50. How many senses can help you detect weather change in article?()
Passage 4
Part time education,that is,attending school at night or one weekend a month,tends to drag the process out over time and put the completion of a degree program out of reach of many people. Additionally, such programs require a fixed time commitment which can also impact negatively on one’s career and family time.
Of the many approaches to teaching and learning, however, perhaps the most flexible and accommodating is that called distance learning. Distance learning is an educational method which allows the students the flexibility to study at his or her own pace to achieve the academic goals which are so necessary in today’s worl
D.The time required to study may be set aside at the student’s convenience with due regard to all life’s other requirements. Additionally, the student may enroll in distance learning courses from virtually any place in the world,while continuing to pursue their chosen career. Tutorial assistance may be available via regular airmail, telephone, teleconferencing and over the Internet.
Good distance learning programs are characterized by the inclusion of a subject evaluation tool with every subject. Another characteristic of a good distance learning program is the equivalence of the distance learning course with the same subject materials as those students taking the course on the home campus. The resultant diploma or degree should also be the same whether distance learning or on-campus study is employe
D.Theindividuality of the professor/student relationship is another characteristi
C.In the final analysis, a good distance learning program has a place not only for the individual student but also the corporation or business that wants to work in partnership with their employees for the educational benefit, professional development, and business growth of the organization. Sponsoring distance learning programs for their employees gives the business the advantage of retaining career-minded people while contributing to their personal and professional growth through education.
* 51. According to the passage,which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of part time education?()
* 52. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of distance learning?()
* 53. What benefit will distance learning program bring to a business?()
* 54. Good distance learning program have the following characteristic EXCEPT()
* 55. What benefit will distance learning bring to an employee of a business?()
Part Ⅲ Cloze(10%)
Directions : There are20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices.
Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Entering the drama room I am immediately surrounded by the familiar sights, smells and sounds. Streaks (条纹,线条)of light cast by the blinds of the tall 56 send shafts (杆状物)of light through the dusty air. I take a 57 and the concrete and paint 58 tickle my nose. I 59 everything about this room.
Some of the 60 times of my life have been spent here, h,s ironic (讽刺的),but the 61 is the only place where I feel that I don ‘ t have to 62 ___ to be someone 1’m not. Like many teenagers, I almost 63 think that people are judging me, but when I act, that feeling disappears. People only look at your ___ 64 ability, not your clothing, money, choice of friends, or any of the other ways people are usually 65When I’m on stage,everything else vanishes (消失).All the worries and 66 of the outside world are put on hold.Nervousness is still present, 67 it’s the excited and tingly kind,not the queasy (不稳定的)68of being different and alone.
I 69 love to work backstage and on lighting. I 70 you could find another girl who would work on a ladder 71 her elbows in cables and dust and love every second on it. It makes me unique and gives me a sense of 72 to know that I succeed in an area where 73 others and virtually (事实上)no girls do.
High school is a difficult atmosphere, to put it ___ 74 . Like others, 1’ m often insecure (不安的),not 75 who I am or where I’m going in life. Wherever that may be, I will always have the confidence I get from theater.
* 56.()
* 57.()
* 58. ()
* 59. ()
* 60. ()
* 61. ()
* 62. ()
* 63. ()
* 64. ()
* 65. ()
* 66. ()
* 67. ()
* 68. ()
* 69. ()
* 70. ()
* 71. ()
* 72. ()
* 73. ()
* 74. ()
* 75. ()
Part IV Writing( 15%)
Directions : This part is to test your practical writing ability. You are required to write a note asking for sick leave according to the information given in Chinese. Your writing should contain at least 100 words. Write it on the Answer Sheet.
说明:假定你是销售部经理王明,根据下列信息写一封信。 写信日期:2011年6月19日 收信人:Mr. John Brown 内容: 1.感谢对方订购了你公司的最新产品;
4.希望能继续与对方合作。 注意信函格式!
Words for reference :
订购 order 货物 goods 发出 deliver 合作 cooperate, cooperation