Part I Vocabulary and Structure (30%)
* 1.The little boy saw the plane ()and burst into flames.
* 2.Beijing is well() its beautiful scenery and the Great Wall.
* 3.He demanded that we explain what was happening,()?
* 4. This question is too hard, it is ()my comprehension .
* 5.I,()your good friend, will try my best to help you out.
* 6. Some cities have passed laws that allow coal and oil()only if their sulfur content is low.
* 7. Space vehicles were launched into outer space()search of another living planet.
* 8.You two have got a lot()
* 9.Encouragement is sometimes much more ()than criticism.
* 10.Frank’s lessons were too hard for him, and he soon fell()the rest of the class.
* 11.Not until quite recently()any idea of what a guided rocket is like.
* 12.()breaks the law will be punished sooner or later.
* 13.Are you going to fix the car yourself, or are you going to have it()?
* 14.We moved to London()we could visit our friends more often.
* 15. The grain output of this year is much higher than () of last year.
* 16.()helping those who are unwilling to help themselves?
* 17. If I found the book, I()it to you.
* 18. Mr. Herpin is one of the foreign experts who ()in China.
* 19. He works too hard. That’s()is wrong with him.
* 20. All()is peace and progress.
* 21.It was while she was sleeping in her bedroom()a thief broke into the house.
* 22. Even if he()here, he would not be able to help us.
* 23.These three teachers vary()their manner of teaching.
* 24.It is()one thousand students can live in it.
* 25.The monitor()the examination papers to the class for his teacher.
* 26.Have you any()that you were not there at 9 o’ clock last night?
* 27. The children looked up as the planes passed()
* 28. The surgeon’s advice was that the patient()at once.
* 29. John will go to school the moment he()his work.
* 30. If the wounded soldier had been given first(), he would not have died.
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (40 %)
Directions : In this part,there are four passages, each of which is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Passage 1
Scientists have developed a slimming (减肥)drug that successfully suppresses appetite and results in a dramatic loss of weight without any apparent ill effects.
The drug interferes with appetite control and prevents the build-up of fatty tissue. Laboratory mice given the drug lost up to a third of their total body weight.
Within 20 minutes of being given the drug, called C75, the mice lost interest in eating and survived apparently content on just 10 percent of the food they would normally eat.
As a result, mice taking the drug lost 45 percent more weight than mice fed the same amount of food, which compensate for the lack of food by becoming more lazy.
Scientists,from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore,said that C75 is likely to produce a similar effect on humans because appetite control in brain is thought to be based on the same chemical pathways as those in mice.
“We are not claiming to have found a fabled (神奇的)weight-loss drug. What we have found, using C75, is a major pathway in the brain that body uses naturally in regulating appetite at least in mice,” said Francis Kuhajda, a pathologist and senior team member.
* 31.The newly-developed drug()
* 32.One of the reason that the drug help to lose weight is that()
* 33.The mice taking C75 lose nearly half of weight on the same amount of food become()
* 34.C75 is likely to produce weight-loss effect on humans because()
* 35. What is the attitude of the scientists toward the slimming drug?()
Passage 2
Everyone is exposed to it,so naturally some people will imitate what they see on TV,what they read in the newspapers and what they witness every day. It is better to prevent violence than to try to stop it. Dentists tell you to brush your teeth to prevent cavities so they won’t have to fill the cavity later. People and lawmakers all over the world realize this. The next question is, “ How do you prevent violence from happening?”
To answer this question, you may ask yourself, “What causes violence?” Guns are definitely something used in acts of violence, but just about anything will do. Bare hands are often the weapons. What we have to do is to work together as a community and make violence wrong but not to tolerate. We’ve got to find a better solution than jails,and we’ve got to do it now. It’s not something that can wait. The message “Violence is wrong” has got to be everywhere you look on TV,on street signs, buses,radio,in every kind of language-English,Spanish,French, Hebrew, you name it, so that it can reach all kinds of people. People need to be cool. Violence needs to be labeled as foolish. It cannot be machismo (大男子气概)and toughness.
We can reach people in all kinds of ways. Little reminders that “Violence is wrong” can show up in any way, shape or form: chain letters, a million dollars to anyone who can make a video showing 30 acts of kindness , flyers,newspaper ads, contests in schools , a free TV ad to the most peace-loving company and much more. To do so, lots of people have to be willing to work together and break the cycle.
* 36. The pronoun “it” in the first paragraph refers specifically to()
* 37.What do lawmakers all over the world realize?()
* 38. According to the passage, what is the total solution to violence?()
* 39. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a way to remind people of the concept “Violence is wrong”?()
* 40.We can learn from the passage that()
Passage 3
I suppose that the most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention,and especially if it’s given from the heart. When people are talking ,there’s no need to do anything but receive them.Listen to what they’re saying. Care about it. Most times caring about it is even more important than understanding it. Most of us don’t value ourselves or our love enough to know this.
It has taken me a long time to believe in the power of simple saying “I’ m so sorry. ” when someone is in pain. One of my patients told me that when she tried to tell her story , people often interrupted to tell her that they once had something just like that happening to her. Subtly, her pain became a story about them. Eventually she stopped talking to most people. We connect through listening. When we interrupt what someone is saying to let them know that we understand, we move the focus of attention to ourselves. When we listen, they know we care.
I have ever learned to respond to someone crying by just listening. In the old days I used to reach for the handkerchiefs,until I realized that passing a person a handkerchief may be just another way to shut him down, to take them out of their experience of sadness. Now I just listen. When they have cried all they need to cry, they find me there with them.
This simple thing has not been that easy to learn. It certainly went against everything I had been taught since I was very young. I thought people listened only because they were too shy to speak or did not know the answer. But now I know that a loving silence often has far more power to heal than the kindest words.
* 41. What does the author value most in the communication with each other?()
* 42.The woman patient stopped telling her story to most people because()
* 43.If you hand a handkerchief to someone crying, you may()
* 44. It can be inferred from the passage that while communicating, ().
* 45. Which of the following might be the author’s opinion about communication?()

Passage 4
A library is more than just a place where books are stored.A library is a source of information. That information may come from books(fiction,nonfiction,or reference books),from periodicals (newspapers,magazines,and journals )from audio-visual materials(records,cassettes,microfilm,video tapes,etc.),or even from a computer terminal.
Students go to libraries to study and to write research papers.The periodicals room of a university library is where foreign student often find newspapers and magazines from their countries.In the reference room,they can find catalogs from many university in the U.S.and other countries.If you are buying a used car ,the reference librarian can show you the Blue Book,which lists the prices of news and used cars.People who need information in a hurry can telephone the reference librarian at many libraries.
There are as many different library services as there are types of people who use them. Children’s libraries provide materials for young readers. They sometimes have story tellers who read stories to groups of children, and a few have computers for the children to play with. Music lovers can listen to recordings of their favorite musicians in music libraries. Some libraries offer special services for blind people, such as books in Braille, “talking” books, and Kurzweil Reading Machines.
Libraries provide entertainment as well as information. Novels and short stories from a library’s fiction collection are a good source of enjoyable reading practice. Public libraries often sponsor lectures on topics of interest to members of the community, and a few even offer concerts and films.
No matter what your interests are, you will find that a library can be a great place to enjoy yourself while you learn.
* 46.In libraries, readers can get information from()
* 47.In the referent room of the library you can find()
* 48. Foreign students often go to()to read newspapers and magazines from their countries.
* 49.The last sentence in the last paragraph implies that readers can()
* 50. What is the main idea of the passage?()
Part Ⅲ Cloze(15%)
Directions : There are 15 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices.
Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Enough sleep is important to health. The amount of sleep 51 depends on the age of the person and the conditions in which sleep 52. The young may need more sleep than the old, but 53 eight hours are enough for the health of grown-ups. Some can do with less than this amount but 54 may need more. Every person knows his own need. It is then a matter of how to 55 it. Sleep should be always been enough to make one relaxed and ready for 56 work.
Fresh air is 57 to sound sleep. It is not 58 reason for some people to insist that it is practical to sleep in the open air. 59 a person can keep himself warm, out-of-door sleeping probably gives the body 60 complete relaxation.
Ability to sleep is lately a habit. The conditions referred to only lead to sleep. Out-of-door 61 ,a good habit of regular drinking and the avoidance of late eating and 62 are helpful to sound sleep. Such factors are largely within the 63 of any person. A bath at 64 ,neither hot nor cold but of body temperature, may be helpful Id sleep. Sleeping pills should never be taken
except when suggested by 65 .
* 51.()
* 52.()
* 53.()
* 54.()
* 55.()
* 56.()
* 57.()
* 58.()
* 59.()
* 60.()
* 61.()
* 62.()
* 63. ()
* 64.()
* 65.()
Part IV Writing( 15%)
Directions : This part is to test your practical writing ability. You are required to write a note asking for sick leave according to the information given in Chinese. Your writing should contain at least 100 words. Write it on the Answer Sheet.
* 说明:假设你是公司职员刘斌,给经理Mr. Johnson写一张请假条。
(1) 咳嗽特别厉害,想去医院看病;
(2) 因本周大部分工作已经完成,故星期五请假一天;
(3) 看完病后,会给经理打电话;
(4) 对由此造成的不被表示歉意;
(5) 希望能得到经理的批准