What is AnyHelper?

If you want to join AnyHelper, I think you'd better know what AnyHelper is first! You can follow AnyHelper in wechat or use www.anyhelper.cn to find answers.
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What does the name of AnyHelper come from?
What kind of platform does AnyHelper mainly focus on?
What are the goals of AnyHelper? 【Multiple】
check the slogans
Inside AnyAPP, which webs can you use? 【Multiple】
check AnyHelper WeChat
Which are the two organizations that are founded by AnyHelper? 【Multiple】
Check AnyHelper website
Mention at least 3 universities which are cooperating with AnyHelper
Top universities in Shanghai
Mention at least 4 companies or services which are providing services to expats in China.
Check AnyHelper articles or check whether they have english website.
Which of the following questions are mostly asked by AnyHelper users? 【Multiple】
a lot
Sample Question 1: I want to buy layenberger weight loss powder (chocolate nut flavor). Where can I find it? 【from Franziska】
pls answer the question as an AnyHelper
Sample Question 2: I want to know if I can get a number or link for a moving service. I want to transport sone goods like fridge and clothes from haishi daxue to linggong 【Daniel Luk】
pls answer the question as an AnyHelper
Sample Question 3: "Good morning. I am wondering is the timetable for my English classes the same as last year? Do I get next Monday off, since Mondays are my day off" , Sorry trying to get that translated 【Jordan B】
pls answer the question as an AnyHelper